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Why Dako captains are best?
  • Dako has come to action after analyzing your reviews for 8 months. Dako apps are made based on your suggestions. Earn freely without working from 9-5 pm. Welcome to the world of free earning!

  • Dako is an app where trips are not only made depending on number of calls. It has latest feature to increase your income even more. You will get bonus for extra income. There are options too for extra earning everyday

  • In addition to earning more, you can also monitor your favorite vehicle from anywhere Other security measures are also there including security numbers.

Captain success stories
  • Mamhudur Rahman
    ‘Dako’ has helped me to earn more by giving me lucrative commissions. It has made ride sharing very easy.
  • Animesh Kaur
    I can take my preferred routes to run my motorcycle. ‘Dako’ is the best! I do not have to worry about getting trips.
  • Erina Afsana
    I have a car running for ‘Dako’. I have compared with other companies. ‘Dako’ gives me maximum profit.
  • Muminul Haque
    ‘Dako’ ‘s features are the best. Specially, the feature of making trips without waiting for passenger calls is awesome! quam.
  • Ashfaqul snigdho
    I am with ‘Dako’ for the fact that it is from my country. ‘Dako’ has a sincere help-line facility for times of need. Dako-Captain app is very smooth.
  • Mohammad Aminul Islam
    Bike captain
    I am a bike captain. I am my own boss here! ‘Dako’ thinks about my earning. Thanks to ‘Dako’ for being with me.
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